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About AddettoHR

The online HR management platform has been developed by Intero Software LLP- associate entity of Intero Solutions Pvt. Ltd which is a leading businessprocess outsourcing pioneers in the country. Whether you're a start-up or abig enterprise, it can perform all HR activities such as Job applicationprocessing, Recruiting, Transfers, Benefits, Reviews, Vacation accrual, andRelocation documents. And that's all with just a single click! It isextremely easy to deploy, use, flexible, scalable, and most importantlyvalue-centric. Just install and get going. Save time, efforts, money and space by automating your HR functions through by us.

Majority of the modern businesses utilize different types of Human Resources (HR) software to facilitate employee management. Online HR management software not only helps in simplifying human resource management, rather it aids in optimizing the process in a smooth and evolving manner.

So, do you wish to simplify and automate your HR operations with an intuitive and easy to utilize and customized HR software? With AddettoHR, organizations can streamline their functions in a smooth and systematic manner to create a better workplace.

AddettoHR is one of the best and most comprehensive HR systems which is perfect for businesses of small and medium size. The cloud-based system provides a plethora of features such as applicant tracking, performance management, e-signatures.

In addition to these features, the


HR software in Delhi NCR

is also available in the form of intuitive mobile app for the employees.

Best Online HR Management Software

  • The primary benefit that our HR management software dispenses is that of time-saving in respect to tedious and monotonous administrative tasks
  • By utilizing our HRMS tool, organizations can reduce the errors by eliminating double entry and improve efficiency in HR functions.
  • The online HR Management Software helps minimize the use of paper, ink and other stationary which results in cost savings
  • By utilizing the software, the HR process can be streamlined comprehensively to create transparency across the entire organization

Features of Our HRMS System

  • Performance Review
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Payroll Management
  • Application Tracking
  • Attendance and Leave Management
  • Learning Management
  • Benefit Administration

  • Easy To Use

    You need zero or no technical knowledge to work with AddettoHR processes. With AddettoHR, you will find that organizational processes were never so easy.

    Cloud Based

    HR Software "On Cloud" application ensures that you can access all the features of AddettoHR - anytime, anywhere, without having to worry about dropping down to office for each tit-bit

    Flexible - Control and Customization

    Customization of your human resources management system(HRMS) is easy! Set up your systems in a way that's perfect for you. Finally, software that doesn't give you a headache, but takes the headache away.

    Other Services

    Human Capital Management application from AddettoHR encompasses a comprehensive range of features. These benefits include employee record, administration, compensation management, payroll administration, position management as well as performance management among others.
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    Payroll management is not an easy task by any stretch of imagination as it comprises of different statutory compliances and calculations requirements. Therefore, to streamline and facilitate your payroll management, it is important to have a HR and payroll management software which is intuitive, accurate and highly secure.
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    Are you looking to streamline the leave and attendance management operations for your organization? With AddettoHR, you can process leave and manage attendance of your employees in real time.
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    Are you looking to streamline the leave and attendance management operations for your organization? With AddettoHR, you can process leave and manage attendance of your employees in real time. By utilizing our leave management software, managers and employees can plan their leaves in a smooth manner and work in coordination. Moreover, the leave and attendance management software enables HR staff of the company to manage payroll in a seamless manner.
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