Performance Appraisal Management Software

Performance Appraisal Management Software

Performance management does not really have to be all over the place, rather it should be a unified process. With AddettoHR, you can streamline your performance appraisal process in a smooth and coordinated manner. Our unparalleled industry experience and continuous evolving knowledge allows us to provide best performance appraisal management software experience to our clients. The software comes equipped with features like customizable templates, compensation management, 360-degree feedback and more to empower the employees to maintain their performance consistently to grow faster across different departments for individual and collective growth of the organization.

When the employee performance appraisal process takes place only once an year, it gets quite challenging to make them accurate as well as satisfactory. AddettoHR’s performance appraisal software ensures highly effective performance management through different self evaluation questions that foster action and limit subjectivity and speculation at the same time. As a result, the software promotes higher engagement from employees which in turn leads to more accurate reflections of employee performance. Also, since performance review is accurate it gets easier for performance appraisal managers to to address underlying problems in the present instead of 4 or 6 months later.

With AddettoHR’s Performance Management Solution, it would get easier for you to boost employee satisfaction and the frequency as well as the effectiveness of performance conversations across the whole organization. Our performance appraisal management software acts as a perfect solution that includes predictive performance and properly understands the role and goals of every employee, allowing the HR department to formulate review cycles and questions for every individual position and provide each employee with a review experience that is fully personalized and actionable.

Some Useful Benefits of Our Performance Appraisal Management Software

* Helps Assess KRAs Properly

The Key Resulting Areas (KRA) can be used effectively in addition to skills and goals for assessing the performance of the employees. By using the software, managers can tag a KRA for the employees and monitor their efficacy and ascertain their performance.

* Helps Check Employee Competence

Using the Performance Appraisal Management Software you can tag the qualities that a particular designation, or department should have, and it helps you make sure that you do not miss to notice those skills in your employees.

* Regular Performance Reviews

With the help of AddettoHR software, you can review the performance of employees across the year through continuous reviews. This way it would get easier for your employees to better analyze their work and they can get better guidance from managers to enhance their performance and productivity.

* Streamline Appraisals

The software allows you to customize your appraisal cycle to make the system personalized and organization oriented. With the facility of self-appraisal, employees can highlight their skills and subsequently they can review the results before the appraisal. Moreover, you can have reviewers at multi-levels in order to make sure that the review and appraisal is done in the most satisfactory and transparent manner.

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