Leave & Attendance Management Software in Delhi

leave & attendance management software in delhi

Are you looking to streamline the leave and attendance management operations for your organization? With AddettoHR, you can process leave and manage attendance of your employees in real time.

By utilizing our leave management software, managers and employees can plan their leaves in a smooth manner and work in coordination. Moreover, the leave and attendance management software enables HR staff of the company to manage payroll in a seamless manner.

With AddettoHR’s leave and attendance software, you can handle almost every aspect of attendance in an efficient manner. Hence, it will allow your employees to focus on more important tasks and perform to the best of their potential.

Our attendance management system eliminates errors associated with payroll. It allows for creating the timesheets, and employees can log in with ease.

Furthermore, by using this application, it can get easier for the organization to track the overall attendance of the employees during their entire duration at work for a given period.

Some Useful Features of Leave and Attendance Management Software
  • Fully Compliant and provides real-time attendance of employees across the locations
  • Attendance data can be accessed using mobile phones
  • The application tracks attendance for clock in and clock out
  • It helps in payroll processing in quick time
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