leave Management Software

leave Management Software

Facilitating the leave management functionality without an established leave management system can be a challenging task. When you are equipped with traditional tools such as emails, excel sheets and paper forms, the chances of survival are quite low. Even small mistakes in leave management can lead to disasters such as payroll processing errors, resource crunch as well as legal complexities.
With AddettoHR, you can automate your leave management process in a simple manner with a touch of a click. The leave management software from AddettoHR is an easy to utilize cloud-based highly intuitive leave management software designed specifically for small and medium enterprises. It streamlines all the important aspects of leave allocation, leave tracking, managing attendance, and accepting/rejecting leaves with employee self-leave tracking features.

Why is the leave management system important?

The tasks of managing the leave can be challenging and tedious for the HR workforce of an organization due to the following reasons:

  • Keeping the tab on the leave pattern of every employee
  • Maintaining and updating the dozens of paperwork at par with the actual attendance of the employee
  • Making sure employees follow guidelines and company policies while taking leave when applying for and taking the leaves

Majority of the above tasks require the HR team to run behind the employees and even after regular check-ins, the possibility of details getting misplaced are very possible. This is exactly why a leave management software from AddettoHR is required for managing your leave and attendance. Also, when the workforce of your company increases it is ideal to opt for a leave management system. It becomes all the more important if you need to track time, calculate the working hours to pay your employees, evaluate compensation for mitigating flaws & confusion, which helps avoid conflict between the employer and employees.

Now you can empower your employees with AddettoHR, as it functions as a leave management system which enables employees to feel a sense of ownership. The software aids in eliminating the monotonous and time consuming tasks of the HR department through its exclusive features such as employee self-service, shared calendars,payroll integration as well as flexible policies. Moreover, with this software you can configure your leave policies with an extensive set of rules to match your business goals and align the work culture across the organization.

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